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Common Misconceptions About Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that occurs continuously for at least two weeks. Depression is characterized by loss of interest in things that are usually liked, feeling unpowered, not appetite, decreased sexual drive, and feeling hopeless, guilty, or low self-esteem. Although public knowledge about depression is now much better, sometimes there are still misconceptions circulating about depression. False Understanding of Depression The following are examples of people's misconceptions about depression: Depression is considered the same as sadness The term 'depression' is often spoken too freely to describe feelings of sadness. Sadness due to failure or loss of someone in life is a natural thing that has been experienced by almost everyone. However, this moment of sadness is different from depression. Depression can last for weeks or even months, and make a person constantly feel unhappy, not powered, weak, hopeless, and not interested in anything. Depression req
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Recognize the Various Causes of Headaches

The causes of headaches are very diverse, ranging from things that are not dangerous, such as stress, lack of sleep, or bad posture. Headaches can also be caused by more serious factors, such as brain tumors or brain bleeding. Headaches are a very common complaint, regardless of age. The causes also vary. Different causes, can also be different sensations of pain that is felt. There are those who feel a throbbing headache, aches and stiffness in the back of the head, or feel the head as bound or pricked. Diseases That Cause Headaches Diseases or problems with organs in the head can cause headaches, including: Disease in the brain There are various problems in the brain that can cause headaches. Examples are problems in the blood vessels of the brain, such as blocked or broken blood vessels (strokes), inflammation (arteritis), or abnormally dilated blood vessels (brain aneurysms). In addition to problems with blood vessels, brain tumors, brain injuries, and infections of the

This is the way ENT doctors clean the ears

Many people have a habit of cleaning their own ears. They are reluctant to visit ENT doctors only for problems that are considered trivial. In fact, just cleaning your ears can cause danger. Know the reasons so that the health of your ears is maintained. ENT doctors are not only visited when you have problems with ears, nose or throat. Treatments such as maintaining hygiene and ear health can also be done at an ENT doctor. Doctors can take the right action for the cleanliness and health of your ears. The Risk of Cleaning Your Own Ears Cleaning your own ears can pose several risks. The following are some reasons why you should not be careless in maintaining the cleanliness of your ears: Serious injury to the ear Some people choose to clean their ears with ear candles. Though the use of ear candles to clean the ears, it can cause injury. Use of other objects such as the tip of a ballpoint pen cap, paper clip, or the tip of the nail can also cause ear injuries. Dirt is increas